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TAP Chocosnack

Retro Tap
Ginza Yoshinoya

The Japanese on this tap tip translates to GINZA YOSHINOYA. The Yoshinoya shoe store has been located in Ginza since 1907 and it's still there. If you look at their website, you will they are a very high-end shop.

Yoshinoya is not really a dance shoe shop but at one time they did make tap shoes. My father, who was a comedian and included some tap in his routines, had Yoshinoya tap tips on his old shoes. Those tips had "Yoshinoya" stamped in English, or what is called Romaji characters, and until I saw this featured tip, I never knew any were made using Katakana characters. I was given this particular tip by Mr. Kuniyasu Kato of Studio Tap In. I found it there in a box filled with lots of old tap tips. It is rather small and was probably intended for use by a child. Kids would not have understood the Romaji writing, so Yoshinoya stamped these small tips using katakana which young dancers could read. A few years ago, Japanese Kanji characters became very cool on T-shirts in the USA. I wonder if can make Katakana tap tips cool for a new generation of tap dancers around the world..

— Shinichi Matsumoto