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June, 2009:

National Tap Day Japan

Tap Wonderland is now hosting the new English language web site promoting National Tap Day Japan. Each year a group of prominent tap dancers, choreographers and teachers in Japan organize a spectacular performance event, National Tap Day Japan. Read about the organization's history and meet many of Japan's finest tap dancers. Visit the National Tap Day Japan web site -- now, in English!

Tap Dance Gifts | Dancers T-shirts

Tee Dance, the Tap Wonderland gift shop, is growing with new products, new colors and new styles. New for spring, products for your tiny dancer, from onesies to tweens, as well as a new plus size line for those of us who don't quite qualify. We've added sections for ballet, ballroom and theater dance to our popular tap dancing product lines and don't miss our special designs for choreographers and dance teachers. Tee Dance offers t-shirts and other apparel items, mugs, tote bags, journals, all kinds of stuff. Stop by and take a look.


Tokyo Rhythm Theater of 2009

One of Tokyo's major tap performance events is Tokyo Rhythm Theater, an evening of tap dancing and comedy sketches. Produced by Kaoru Tomita and Hideaki Anada, Tokyo Rhythm Theater features an ensemble cast recruited from Tokyo's best tap dancers. I direct and stage the overall show, create ensemble choreography, write some comedy material and dance, of course. If you are planning to be in Japan this October. I hope you can join us for an entertaining evening.

In Tokyo, October 17 & 18 at Hakuhinkan Theater
In Hamamatsu, October 12 at Hamamatsu Fukushi Kouryu Center



Take a Tap Class in Tokyo

I teach Tap classes at several studios in the Tokyo area. Instruction is available in both Japanese and English. For a current list of available classes, check my bi-lingual dance class schedule.