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Tap Technique Class with Art Stone
Statler Records

The profile of Mr. Art Stone from the back of the record jacket: "Art Stone is one of the few national convention teachers who specializes in three different fields of dance. His tap, jazz and ballroom classes have long been a top favorite along the convention circuit. Art Stone has taught for all the major dance associations throughout the country. For the past seven years, he has traveled with Dance Caravan, U.S.A., thrilling teachers and students alike with his imaginative tap routines and techniques. Mr. Stone occasionally enjoys the chance to appear in local musical comedy productions. He recently portrayed Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie and choreographed for, and danced in The Pajama game. By the way, Art Stone happens to be the "other half" of the only father-and-son combination (Dad is Jules Stone!) in convention faculty history".

This "Tap Technique Class" record is one of a 4-record series with discs for preschool, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each record came with six pages of instructional inserts illustrating short combination steps. This type of record, from a small independent label, rarely used good quality music, but Statler has very good arrangements on this LP, played by talented musicians with some nice swing. I still use some of the music from this record for my classes.

— Shinichi Matsumoto