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The Cricketones | Mr. Tappity Toe

Mr. Tappity Toe | Tap Dance Song
The Cricketones

Pickwick Sales Corporation, which later became Pickwick Records, released this 7 inch, 45rpm Children’s record under its Cricket Records label sometime in the early 1950’s. It is very much more a standard children’s record than it is a tap dancing record, but it is here in the Tap Wonderland because it is called Mr. Tappity Toe and this wonderful jacket shows us a charming tap dancing elf. One of the oddest things -- Mr. Tappity Toe is not called Mr. Tappity Toe in the lyrics of the song on side A. The tune is titled Mr. Tappity Toe, but the elf in question; who comes from beneath a hedge to help a little girl learn to dance is repeatedly called by the name Tippety Tap Toe. Well, of course, it’s just a kids’ record and it all hardly matters to anyone but Mr. Tippety Tap Toe himself. The connection to Tap Dancing? The little girl wants to learn to dance and the elf or leprechaun, is Irish, it seems, so perhaps it’s a clog thing.

Mr. Tappity Toe

Side B features the totally boring tune, The Tap Dance Song, which is actually a children’s waltz, but does include a bit of percussion, perhaps from a spoon, or whatever. One can only pity the mother who had to listen to this record over and over. The tune sounds like a combination of Sidewalks of New York and Daisy, Daisy (On a bicycle built for two).

Cricket Records was the home of Bix Brent & the Four Cricketones, who perform on this little disc. Older dancers will remember them as the singers on Hokey Pokey and — dig deep now — Gerald McBoing Boing. Roy Freeman is the producer and the music is conducted by Warren Vincent. If you love children’s records, you will know that the Net doesn't offer much about the Cricket Records team. So, we make our small contribution here.

— Shinichi Matsumoto


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