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TAP Chocosnack

Mr. Tap 'n' Go
Triple R Machine Co.

More and more I find myself collecting toys from the time of my own childhood. With Mr. Tap'n'Go I get to follow this passion while at the same time adding to my tap collectibles. This toy was made by the Triple R Machine Co. in 1968. It's just as simple as it looks in this picture. There is the doll, Mr. Tap'n'Go and a small plate attached to a stick, which together serve as a sort of stage for Mr. Tap'n'Go to dance on. Still it comes with an instruction guide.

I have seen the same kind of toys made in the past. Usually the dancing doll is intended to be a black guy. Mr. Tap'n'Go is clearly white. I think this is interesting considering when the toy was made. Was it suddenly wrong to make this toy with a black man tap dancing? For that matter why make this type of toy at all in the 60's. The Idea for this toy is very old. The 60's were not a popular time for tap dancing. I don't think the young kids were crazy about tap dancing then. The only tap dancing on TV was perhaps on the Lawrence Welk Show or on Ed Sullivan. So Mr. Tap'n'Go is a bit of an oddity and I am happy to have one.

Playing with Mr. TapnGo
I like to play with this toy while listening to Doris Day's "Mr.Tap Toe".

Update. April, 2010. We've just discovered a wonderful website, Jig Dolls, Limberjacks or Les Gigueux, where you can learn quite a lot about the category of toys like Mr. Tap'n'Go

— Shinichi Matsumoto

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