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Tap Happy | Hoctor Records

Tap Happy!
12 Special Arrangement for Tap Dance Routines

This is a typical Hoctor Records product. Our cover boy is Danny Hoctor himself with 12 tunes arranged for tap dancing, played by a small combo of trumpet, sax, piano, bass and drum. Selections include: Cheek to Cheek, Habanero, Spanish Flea, She's a Latin form Manhattan, Linger Awhile, Luck be a Lady, What Now, My Love, Swing High. Swing Low, Once in Love with Amy, Day In. Day Out, By-U, By-O.

This record was $5.00 when it was released in the mid-1960's. There's no release date of course, but some of the tunes, like "Spanish Flea" and "What now my love" are arranged just like a typical Herb Alpert tune - The Tijuana Brass - and they date the LP pretty well. I have never seen a tap dance number backed by that kind of music, but why not? The 60's, after all, were kind of a downtime for tap dancing popularity with little connections between tap dancing and 60's popular music, so it is interesting to find those happy trumpet tunes in a tap dance class record.

— Shinichi Matsumoto