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Russell Records 7 inch 33 rpm  records for tap dance routines & practice

Smile & Tap with Danny & Al
Hoctor Records

It's Danny Hoctor and Al Gilbert together at last! Hoctor Records release, HLPS-4246, brings the founder of Hoctor Records and the owner of Stepping Tones Records together on a single tap dance music LP, but it isn't a recording of their performances, nor their tap instructions. It's just some pleasant tunes for dancing, with a small group, occasionally some brass and on 5 of the 11 tunes an unnamed female vocalist. Great smiling photos on the jacket. As the jacket says: "Smile & Tap. Tap is fun. Enjoy yourself."

All of the tunes on this 12 inch LP have some sort of smile in the title. Side A: You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile / The Shadow of Your Smile / Smile Smile Smile / When You're Smiling / A Smile is a Good Beginning. Side B: With a Smile and a Song / Smile Medley (Smile Darn ya, Smile / There are Smiles / Pack up your Troubles.. / When Irish Eyes are Smiling / When my Baby Smiles at Me / Let a Smile be Your Umbrella and the side finishes with an original song Smile and Tap with Danny & Al --

Smile and tap your troubles away Danny and Al you gonna be ok.
Doing a clog or buck and wing or any other hoofing things
Smile and tap and you'll be on top.
Keep rhythm going. Don't you ever stop.
On the stage, TV or in a show, you can't go wrong with a buffalo.
Just like Danny, do your puttin' on the Ritz or one of his many other hits.
Just like Al, do your funky tap and listen to and say let's shuffle and flap.
Smile and tap and you can't go wrong.
Tap, tap, tap to any song.
Danny and Al bring hours of joy to every tapping girl and boy.

I have no idea who wants to dance with this tune unless you are a particularly big fan of Danny and Al but perhaps you can cast two boys in preschool to perform this as a novelty number. That could be cute. Still, this record is a classic in the end.

— Shinichi Matsumoto