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Al Gilbert Presents
“School Days” Song & Tap Production

From the Stepping Tones label, Al Gilbert presents "School Days" Song & Tap Production. This record is a collection of music to be used for young dancers' performance numbers. The jacket displays a very appealing graphic, but the backside offers no additional information on this LP, just a catalog of then current Stepping Tones records.

There are 7 tunes: School Days / Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes / Hop Scotch Polka / Apple For The Teacher / Recess Time / All We Want To do Is Dance / Finale (School Days). Side A includes a children's chorus for vocals, except on Hot Scotch Polka, and Side B has the same tunes with no vocals. I think they provided vocal versions to help students remember the songs, then the teacher could use the no-vocal tracks for actual performances with the kids singing. While there is not much to say about this LP, I suspect this record is now quite rare. The cute "chalky" graphic on the jacket makes it a worthwhile addition to Tap Wonderland's collection and to any collection of strange and unusual records.

— Shinichi Matsumoto