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Xavier Cugat concert program, 1953

Tap Routines Booklets
Russell Records | Swamp Fire

Here is my collection of Russell Records Routine booklets, all issued in 1952 or 1953. Each booklet measures 23.5cm x 14cm. They are typically 12 pages in length. Each cover indicates the name of the song for which the routine was intended and the corresponding record number. Russell Records issued an EP to go along with each of these booklets. Please see my Russell Records music page for more information.

Every booklet in the tap series which I collect includes a section on tap terminology, stage directional terms, abbreviated terms, pronunciation of timing counts and value of timing counts and number of taps per measure. Here is little example how they note the choreography. The music is It Had To Be You. It must have been very hard to read all these notations and pick choreography up.

Seems to me Russell Records made a real effort to put out a total program with records and routine booklets, even sheet music for a studio pianist. I wish I could find a catalog of the entire Russell Records discography. I understand they also issued a series for ballet, Hawaiian, acrobatic and Gypsy dance.

— Shinichi Matsumoto