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Tap Dance Music for Class

Tap Dance Music for Class
Tracy Everett with Mme. Halina

In my growing collection of tap dance LPs there are two examples from Roper Records. Roper concentrates more on ballet and theater dance recording, but in the late 70's Roper released a series called, Tap Music for Class. My LP, the elementary level recording, was issued in 1977, but the entire series is still available on CD direct from the Roper Records web site. The music is very simple, just piano with little or no jazz feeling. The elementary LP is "supervised" by Mme. Halina. The intended choreography was developed by Tracy Everitt. Mr. Everitt is still operating a dance studio in Hoboken, New Jersey that still trains dancers in all aspects of theater dance. This profile of Tracy Everitt and Mme. Halina from the back of the LP can fill you in on their careers as of 1977.



Profiles of Mme. Halina & Tracy Everett

Tracy Everett & Liza Minelli

A great place to see Tracy Everitt dance and sing is on the DVD of The Judy Garland Christmas Show. He dances and sings with Liza Minelli on a version of Steam Heat.

— Shinichi Matsumoto