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Music for Hoofers, starring Pat Rico

Music for Hoofers
Starring Pat Rico

Al Gilbert | Stepping Tones Records present Music for Hoofers, starring Pat Rico is the long, but official title of this tap dance LP. Stepping Tones, one of the premier dance record labels founded by Al Gilbert, developer of the graded teaching albums for students of tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatic and even Highland dance. Stepping Tones is now known as Music Works and is still active in this business

This record contains eleven tracks arranged especially for tap dancing. Selections include: I Can't give You Anything But Love, It All Depends on You, Sidewalks of New York, 42nd Street, Anything Goes, Fine and Dandy, Rose Room, Sunday, Rainbow Round my Shoulder, If I Could be with You, and Should I?. Pretty typical tunes, with a pretty typical trio of piano, bass and drums. The unusual characteristic is that the record contains the same tunes on both sides. Side A is all a faster tempo, while Side B has the same songs at a slower tempo. As far as I know there was never any guidance on the routines provided by Pat Rico himself, just clear music for tap dancing.

Pat Rico | Performer & Dance Instructor

Pat Rico is sadly under-represented on the Web. His brother Al Gilbert is nicely profiled on the Music Works web site. One of my tap friends, Yasuyuki Imanishi, of Studio Tap 72 in Shibuya, Tokyo, studied under Pat Rico, and shared a little information with me for this page. "Pat Rico started tap dancing at age 10 and soon became one of the "Gilbert Brothers" with his brother Al. They studied with Nick Castle, Willie Covan and Louis Dapron. Pat Rico was a performer, instructor, musician, composer and choreographer. He worked as a jazz drummer and entertainer in Las Vegas, Reno and Los Angeles." A short profile is written on the back of Music for Hoofers, "Pat Rico is director of the Al Gilbert Theatre Dance & Music Studios in Hollywood, where He teaches tap and jazz to many well known professional dancers and actors. He has made television and nightclub appearances from New York to Hollywood to Las Vegas. He danced in the films Guys & Dolls and A Star is Born. The Music Works web site reports that Pat Rico died October 12, 1999.


— Shinichi Matsumoto