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Tap Dance Favorites | Rainbow Records

Tap Dance Favorites from Rainbow Records
Eddie “Piano” Miller, Authentic Tap Dance King

At the bottom of the paper sleeve for this record is written "Rainbow Recording Corp. 767-10th Ave. NYC 19 NY". It's not a lot to go on if you are curious to know the story of one little 45rpm children's recording. Was this another small company that made dance practice records, or children's records? The sleeve also lists some ballet records.

My partner in the US did some digging and found some tidbits of information on several web sites that tell the stories of early Doo-wop groups. Each site uses this same sentence: " ...Eddie Heller's Rainbow Records at 767 Tenth Avenue in New York City, a label so small it shared space with a Hell's Kitchen storefront known as Sonny's Deli one of those near-legendary early labels, there at the birth of the R&B group sound in the very early 50's." So, Rainbow Records may be almost unknown to dance teachers today, but apparently it was important in other ways. Perhaps Rainbow's dance class recordings helped to pay the rent on that space behind the deli.

Actually, I have five 45's from Rainbow Records. All of them feature the Eddie “Piano” Miller Trio (Authentic Tap Dance King). What does that mean? Title include:

Rainbow Records 45 rpm collection

As for the Authentic Tap Dance King, Eddie "Piano" Miller was indeed a somewhat well-known ragtime player, who recorded for Rainbow and then moved on to RCA. You can find these same records that I have and some others out there on record store web pages and on eBay! Perhaps someone searching will now find this page.

— Shinichi Matsumoto