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Peter Pan Records, Tap dance Record

Tap Dance Record
Peter Pan Records

This little 78 rpm recording is a children's tap dance record from Peter Pan Records. I know very little about this record and even less about the history of Peter Pan Records company, but the label is still in existence after more than 75 years and is now owned by Inspired Corporation. The company still produces recordings for children and families. If you dig deep you will find a few products for kids' tap dance class.

This record contains two medleys. East side, West Side with The Band Plays On and Bicycle Built for Two with East side, West Side. Strange decision. I don't understand why they have such similar selections on each side. Maybe it was thought to be right for kids. Music is by The Peter Pan Orchestra, directed by Vicky Kasen. So, for a Japanese, this little record offers another glimpse into the place of Tap in American Culture.

— Shinichi Matsumoto


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