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S&R Records On Stage | Tap

On Stage! Tap | S & R Records
Created Especially for the Dancer

This is the first LP on the S&R Records label, to be added to the Tap Wonderland collection. From the tap teaching point of view this LP represents just one more perfectly fine recording to be used in class, or for a student performance, particularly if you are teaching in the mid-60's. From the record collector's point of view, particularly one focused so narrowly as we are here in Tap Wonderland, this record is a conundrum in vinyl. Research on the Net doesn't turn up much about the S & R label. Was there any connection between S & R and Art Stone's Statler Records? Many fine Statler recordings have been re-mastered for CD and are now sold by Kimbo Educational.Dance Class with Peter Gennaro  When you dig a bit inside Kimbo's web site, you will find the image of this dancer from the cover of On Stage! Tap, used again for a dance CD, A Dance Class with Peter Gennaro It's not much to go on, but it makes a record collecting, tap teaching boy wonder if our record had a connection to Tony Award winning choreographer, Peter Gennaro. Well, the tunes are different on the CD, released in 2001, but it is an intriguing choice to resurrect this one graphic from an old LP produced by a defunct company if there is no actual connection to Peter Gennaro. The art itself is great and so reminiscent of both Fiorello! and The Most Happy Fella graphics of the day. Is it a drawing of Mr. Gennaro, done by the same artist? Perhaps S & R grew into Kimbo and they are actually one big happy family. Here at Tap Wonderland, we love to know the details, so if anyone finds their way here and can shed some light on our little mystery, drop us a line.

On Stage! Tap is part of a series of five dance class LPs issued by S&R.

LIner Notes for On Stage! Tap LP

These albums contain original tunes apparently written especially for this series. On Stage! Tap contains 14 tracks and each has a little different quality to the recording and different instrumentation, with sax, accordion, guitar, violin, organ, base, mute trumpet, drum featured on different tracks. The last cut Let Your Body Go even includes a female vocal.

From the liner notes, a little more about the company ...and the Broadway Musical.

On Stage! Tap, 1980's release

It appears this series was then reissued by Kimbo, under the slightly modified SR Records label in the 1980's. They were still "created especially for the dancer", but they dropped the groovy graphics from the original S&R version. The 80's weren't groovy.

— Shinichi Matsumoto