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How to Tap Dance by Nick Castle

How to Tap Dance
Nick Castle

Nick Castle was one of the most famous dance directors in Hollywood during the 1930's and 1940's, working primarily at MGM and Fox. On the first page of this 20-page volume is a list of stars "taught" by Nick Castle, including the Andrews Sisters, Bill Robinson, George Murphy, the Nicholas Brothers, Shirley Temple, Bert Lahr, Sonja Henie, the Condos Brothers, and more. Castle wrote an introduction to the book with comments like: "The student must be willing to learn and work hard." "Always keep in mind the importance of the First Five Basic steps." "Don't try to conquer the art of tap overnight". Then he provides an explanation of 42 basic steps.

What's most interesting about this book are the pages of actual choreographed steps by famous dancers like Bill Robinson, Ann Miller, George Murphy, the Nicholas Brothers, Shirley Temple and even Carmen Miranda. I picked 3 examples for this page. You can click each one to get a larger view.

— Shinichi Matsumoto


Choreography for Bill Russell by Nick Castle  Choreography for Ann Miller by Nick Castle  Choreography for the Nicolas Brothers by Nick Castle
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