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We Do Sing Too, CD from the Nicholas Brothers

We Do Sing Too
The Nicholas Brothers

This unusual Nicholas Brothers CD was originally released on LP in 1957. The CD was released in Japan in 1989; right about the time that Gregory Hines' film Tap was big in the theaters. I saw the LP in a collector's record shop in California more than 15 years ago. I remember the price then was about $30.00, very expensive for a foreign student. Much later on I received a letter from Rusty Frank, who wrote the great book, TAP! The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories 1900-1955, asking me if I could find this CD, which had been released in Japan but not in the US. I tried to order a copy, but even then it was already out of print. The search began to find a used copy.

It's sometimes hard to understand, but many LPs which are never released on CD in the US are nonetheless remastered and released in Japan. Though the population is significantly smaller, the market for unusual jazz and vocal albums on CD is apparently larger in Japan than it is in the US. Even more strange is that after all this effort is made to produce these CDs. They are often released in such small print runs that they quickly disappear again. I have never quite understood this. Over the last 10 years or so, I have seen used copies of this CD only 3 times

As the title of this recording says, in We Do Sing Too dancing is not the point. The Nicholas Brothers do tap on one track out of twelve; a few steps on 'Swonderful, but the rest of the album is fairly undistinguished jazz vocals. Perhaps not the best jazz album ever recorded, but still it's the Nicholas Brothers, so as a tap collectible, I had to have it.


— Shinichi Matsumoto