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Mister Tap Toe | Tap Wonderland Sheet Music Collection

Mister Tap Toe | Sheet Music
Doris Day

Here is original sheet music from a song introduced by Doris Day, Mister Tap Toe. Younger dancers may not know that at one time sheet music publishing was a big business, comparable to records. People used to buy sheet music and play from it at parties with their friends and family, gathered around the piano to sing along. If you go to antique shops anywhere in the States, you are sure to find a stack of sheet music. There are many collectors of sheet music and I used to be one of them. I specialized in the music from movie musicals. I just liked the cover art, really. They're like mini posters. Mister Tap Toe is not a song from the movies, however, and as far as I know, it was never a hit tune, but it is an optimistic, kind of silly tune so typical of Doris Day and after all it is titled Mister Tap Toe so it belongs in the galleries of Tap Wonderland.

Doris Day became famous as a singer with the Les Brown Orchestra. Her first hit song was Sentimental Journey. She signed a contract with Warner Brothers and made several musical movies. In the 60's, when the movie musical hey day had passed, mostly she appeared in a series of silly, but very popular comedies. She is a great singer and dancer and became one of America's most beloved personalities.

— Shinichi Matsumoto

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