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The Tap Dance Record | Tony Mottola Orchestra

The Tap Dance Record
Tony Mottola Orchestra | Columbia Records

The Tap Dance Record was released by Columbia in 1951. This 78 RPM disc is one of a series of children's records form Columbia featuring nursery songs, folk songs, fairy tales, adventure stories and cowboy tales. Each side contains 2 songs. Side 1 has Bye Bye Blues and Sweet Sue, Just You. Side2 has perennial favorites, Swanee River and East Side West Side.

Tony Mottola | great guitar, c. 1950
Tony Mottola

Usually this kind of children's record has unknown musicians or they are not listed on the jacket at all, but here, with the Tony Mottola Orchestra, Columbia does better. Tony Mottola is known today as one of the great guitar players of the 20th Century. Just check out his biography on to get an inkling of all the folks he worked with, from Frank Sinatra to Enoch Light, as a leader, prolific studio musician, and in our case, on a delightful childre's tap dance record..

On The Tap Dance Record, it's a small combo, just sax, piano, drum and base. Oddly, there is no guitar featured, but they do swing. It's certainly music good enough to dance to and also good enough to listen to. All the tunes are short, just two or three choruses with quiet moments to highlight those tap sounds.

— Shinichi Matsumoto