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TAP Chocosnack

TAP Chocosnack
Morinaga Candy Company

Morinaga is one of Japan's largest snack and candy companies. In 1995, Morinaga created a new candy called “tAp”. It's a little biscuit with crushed peanuts, covered with chocolate. In Japan, this type of snack treat comes and often goes pretty quickly. Typically, they are not very good, but I had to have one, just because of that name. This chocolate bar didn't last long and soon disappeared. I kept the box and now I have a collector's item!

I have no idea why they chose to call this snack “tAp”. Someone in the marketing department thought the word "tap" sounded good, I suspect and making the middle letter upper case probably looked good, or so the marketing folks thought. This candy had nothing to do with tap dance, of course. It could just as easily have been called "swing" or "polka". Still, when you're a collector, you decide what makes a worthy addition.

— Shinichi Matsumoto


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