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Music for Tap Dancing | Michael Dominico's Tap Barre

Music for Tap Dancing
Michael Dominico's Tap Barre

Here is a tap dance practice record from the Hoctor label (HLP-4198) offering "music for tap dancing". What's unique about this record is that it is designed to practice fundamental tap steps holding the barre like in ballet classes.

I had never heard of Michael Dominico till I found this record but I have since learned he is well known as the dancer in the Tap Dance Concerto by Morton Gould. Here is a little information about the concerto from The Book of Tap, by Jerry Ames and Jim Siegelman. "Morton Gould wrote Tap Dance Concerto, the first composition ever created that made use of the sound of the dancer's feet as a solo instrument in a concerto with orchestra...Tap Dance Concerto was first performed in the early fifties by balletic tap exponent Danny Daniels." It was on the bill more recently at Carnegie Hall, March 4, 2005, with Lane Alexander, Maurice Hines and The New York Pops.

Side 1 of Music for Tap Dancing contains the following routines: single shuffle, single double shuffle, shuffle-bolero beat, two fours and one eight, shuffle heel, shuffle heel-toe heel, petit battements, heel toe heel, frappe, developpe with heels, grand battements. Side 2 has brush heel riffs, shuffle (cross front & back), same exercise with different counts, ankle exercise-nerve tap, ball change-pull backs, wings and finally music for routines using Cherokee and Artistry In Rhythm. 10 pages of explanation were also included with this record. There's no issue date of this record but probably in the 1970's.

I am happy to include this record in the Tap Wonderland collection. Like so many influential teachers, choreographers and performers from the era that lies between the "Golden Age of Tap" and the advent of the Internet, Michael Dominico has been poorly represented on the Web. This brief profile form the back of Music for Tap Dancing will give you an idea why we should all remember wonderful performers like Michael Dominico.

Profile of Michael Dominico | Liner Notes