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Capezio Tap Master Mat | Advertising Collectible, ca. 1930's

New York Tap Story

Published by Tokyo Shuppan in June, 1987, New York Tap Story is certainly not an antique, but outside Japan hardly any tap dancers will know this fun and interesting little book.

Marika, born Mutsumi Maruko, is a well known jazz dance and tap dance instructor in Japan. New York Tap Story is divided into five chapters. There is some instructional material, but more interesting is Marika's take on the history of tap and the tales she tells about her personal experiences studying dance and of her time in New York. In the book’s second chapter, Marika introduces the teachers that she studied with, Robert Audy, Judy Ann Bassing, Jerry Ames, etc. Information about these NY based teachers is uncommon in Japan and very interesting to a Japanese dancer. Chapter 3 is Marika’s history of Tap dancing. Like a book within a book, this chapter is almost 100 pages long. It is divided into smaller categories like "What is a flash act?" or "What is vaudeville?". You can easily pick just one of them. Chapter 4 is explanations of actual steps and Chapter 5 is about dance wear, tap shoes, records, where to buy them, etc. Of course, the information may be dated now, but New York Tap Story is still a fun book to read for any tap dancer in Japan.

— Shinichi Matsumoto