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TAP Chocosnack

Tap Dancing Skeleton
Motorpulley Mecha

Some tap collectibles take you beyond wacky!

Here is a model kit -- a toy for kids. This Motorpulley Mecha is one of a series of toys for boys usually featuring model boats or cars or some type of machine and including a small battery powered motor and pulley that made the model do something or other. In this case, however, the object is a tap dancing skeleton. I have no idea why this toy company decided to include a skeleton in the series, let alone a skeleton that did tap dancing. All right, perhaps a guy in top hat and tails, but a skeleton? Well...OK! Why not?

The skeleton is cut out from back of the box. I found this toy on Yahoo Auctions in Japan. My guess is that it is at least about 20 years old. I have vague memories of this model series when I was kid, but I don't think I ever saw this dancing skeleton. I still want to put this together to see how it works, but then again, it is important to leave it untouched and in its original box. It's not easy being a collector who still likes to play with toys. Well, I decided to keep it as it is. here are some images of the original box and a picture of the inside stuff.

Mechapulley Kit Box Front Motor Pulley Box Back
Motorpulley Mecha Parts

— Shinichi Matsumoto