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Tap Dance | Classe de Sylvia Dorame

Tap Dance
Classe de Sylvia Dorame

From the Arion label in France, this CD is Volume 8 from a large series of dance class CDs, called La Danse par le Disque. Scanning the Web, I easily find copies of this disque for sale at various online dance music shops, mostly in Europe of course. Most of the series is dedicated to ballet class music and I have seen at least 17 volumes represented here and there. I cannot find much about class leader, Sylvia Dorame, so I assume Ms. Dorame is yet another hard working tap teacher, inadequately represented on the Web.

There are 32 tracks in total; typical American standard tunes, played by a simple piano and bass. Tracks 1 to 16 are performed with tap sounds by Daniel Hiribarrondo, while tracks 17 to 32 tracks repeat the same tunes without tap sounds. I find this CD a bit confusing. What is the purpose of including tap sounds with no explanation of the intended routines? Is it merely, "here are some sample tap sounds you might make for these tunes" (?) If you are a tap teacher, or student, you might use these tunes without tap sounds for your own practice or performance, but the music is not very imaginative.

Liner Notes by Sylvia Dorame

Maybe an inquisitive European claquetteur(se) will find this page and shed more light on Ms. Dorame or on her compatriot, Daniel Hiribarrondo, who does the claquette-ing on this CD. Drop us an email.

Sylvia has written as essay, "Learn To Know....Know To Learn.." included as liner notes for the CD in both French and English, but she does not include any information on routines she would suggest.

— Shinichi Matsumoto