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Dan Dailey | Mr. Musical Comedy

Mr. Musical Comedy
Dan Dailey

When you go to any used record shop and look through the 50's mood music section, you'll almost always find some old records from this TOPS label. Kind of a cheap bargain label, the content of a TOPS record is not always the best. This particular recording is an exception. This is unusual album features Dan Dailey as leader accompanied by the great sounds of Ernie Felice on accordion. Dan sings 12 tunes. In the songs I Still Get Jealous and You're My Girl, Dan does a little soft shoe at a nice medium tempo.

Dan Dailey was a big musical star beginning in the 1940's and on through the 1950's, but while everyone knows Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, nobody talks about Dan Dailey at all. He is not sophisticated like Astaire and doesn't project a strong personality in dance like Kelly. Even my early impression of Dan Dailey was well, "nothing special". The characters he plays are sometimes not very likeable; not bad people but somehow a little bit selfish and this didn't help. One time I gave Dan's dancing some closer attention and soon realized he had a certain style all his own; not flashy but very charming with many interesting steps -- a good example of the typical song and dance man.

Unfortunately, Dan Dailey never made that really big masterpiece movie, like Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain. Perhaps his most famous movie is "There's No Business Like Show Business" but that film is more a showcase for Marilyn Monroe and doesn't feature much of the charm of Dan Dailey. He is featured more in MGM's It's Always Fair Weather, but his great talent shines brightest in the 40's musicals from Fox. One of my favorites is Call me Mister, also starring Betty Grable.

— Shinichi Matsumoto

Lobby Card |  Call Me Mister| Dan Dailey &  Betty Grable
Dan Dailey and Betty Grable in "Call Me Mister"