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Gene Kelly | Song and Dance Man

Song and Dance Man
Gene Kelly

There are many film soundtrack recordings that feature Gene Kelly, but Mr. Kelly did not release many records with no connection to a particular film. This rare 10 inch LP record is titled "Song and Dance Man". Here, Gene Kelly performs songs made memorable by their association with famous tap dancers including George M. Cohan, George Primrose, Pat Rooney, Fred Astaire, Eddie Leonard and Bill Robinson. Of course, Kelly doesn't imitate the singing styles of these performers, but he does recreate and perform tap steps in the styles associated with these famous dancers. With the exception of dancers like Fred Astaire or Bill Robinson, it is uncommon to hear the sounds of early Vaudeville stars like George M. Cohan or Pat Rooney. So this record is a great way to enjoy both Gene Kelly and some of those great dancers, too. The record also features Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra. Song and Dance Man is a great record for any tap dancer to just sit and listen to. It was released by M-G-M Records (of course) in a 78 RPM album, MGM-30, probably in 1948. Reissued 2-3 years later, as a 10 inch LP, E-30, and then reissued again as a 45 RPM EP set, X1079 in 1954.

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— Shinichi Matsumoto