Tap Wonderland Collectibles Gallery:
Tap Dance Memorabilia

Welcome to the online museum at Tap Wonderland: An exhibit of tap dancing collectibles, LP records, CDs, books, videos and ephemera for tap dancers.

I collect almost anything that relates to tap dancing. The items that are featured in this gallery each have a story: Why I bought them, or where, or with whom or why they were made. I've tried to find out a little about each one. Just click any image and enjoy!

Morinaga Tap Chocosnack
Tap Dancer Parking Sign
The Tap Dancing Bull
Mr. Tap-n-Go
Motorpulley Mecha | Tap Dancing Skeleton
Sydney 2000 | Olympic Tap Dancers' Surface
I love (Heart) to Tap Dance Button
Yoshinoya Toe Tap
Collectible Taps | Vintage Graphics
Collectible Tap Dance T-shirts