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TAP Chocosnack

The Tap Dancing Bull

This Chinese made toy was purchased on Ebay. The seller titled this item “Tap Dancing Bull” but since it came without its original box I don't know what the toy's original name was. The Tap Dancing Bull is about 12 inches high. It is battery powered. Turn it on and he plays the "Mexican Hat Dance" (huh?) and he starts dancing. Well, dancing... more like his body vibrates, his head and arms move and his feet make a little tapping sound. So, yeah, it's a Chinese pink horned bull in green clothes, dancing to the Mexican Hat Dance and it's called The Tap Dancing Bull. Now that is the essence of Tap Wonderland!

— Shinichi Matsumoto


Here's BIG NEWS! April 27, 2010. The Tap Dancing Bull captured on video. See it now on Youtube.