Tap Wonderland Print Gallery:
Tap Dance Books, Adverts and Sheet Music

Welcome to the online museum at Tap Wonderland: An exhibit of tap dancing collectibles, LP records, CDs, books, videos and ephemera for tap dancers.

I collect tap dance instruction books, sheet music, advertisements, anything in print that's connected to tap dancing. Wander around the gallery by clicking any of these images.

Tap Dancing for Beginners | Johnson Smith & Company
Tap Dancing | Constance Atwater
Mister Tap Toe | Doris Day
Easy Tap Dance |  Hiroshi Kasai
Ann Miller Tops in Taps | Jim Connor
How to Tap Dance | Nick Castle
Capezio Master Tap Mat | Advertisement
New York Tap Story | Marika
Tap Dancing in 12 Easy Lessons | Rosalind Wade
How to Teach Yourself to Tap | Robert Audy
Tap Dancing | Johnny Mack
Musical | The Magazine for Stage Musical in Japan
 Tips on Taps | Carlos, Foremost Int'l tap Dance Authority
Modern Tap Dictionary | Glenn Shipley
Song and Dance Man | Karen Ackerman
Tap Dancer | The World of Tokio Hayashi
Tip Top Tapping | Louis Shomer
TAP! | Rusty Frank
Basic Tap Dancing | Diana Washbourne
Souvenir Program | Four Step Brothers in Tokyo
Tap Dances | Anne Schley Duggan
Tap Dance: A Beginner's Guide | Trina Marx
Joint Recital | Paul Draper with Larry Adler
Russell Record | Tap Routines Booklet
Self Instruction in Tap Dancing | Home Institute