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Music for Tap Dancing | Robert Audy Dance Instruction LP Record

Music for Tap Dancing
Robert Audy, Dance Director

This record features Robert Audy as Dance Director and offers techniques and exercises plus four routines. It was released on the Hoctor label. (HLPS-4150)

My copy of this LP had no instructional sheet when I bought it, so I'm not sure if it originally released with one or not. If I'm right, this is not truly an instructional record but rather one that simply provides the music for exercises and routines. The musicians are not listed on the jacket and most tunes are just two choruses. The LP does feature this nice picture of Robert Audy with a mini-biography. These are always fun to read. The writing of that day seems to have a different tone from the way liner notes are written today, a little warmer, less slick, perhaps.

— Shinichi Matsumoto

Profile of Robert Audy | Liner Notes
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