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Capezio Tap Master Mat | Advertising Collectible, ca. 1930's

Tap Dancing The Robert Audy Method
How to Teach Yourself to Tap

Published in 1976 by Vintage Books, Robert Audy's How to Teach Yourself to Tap has plenty of pictures of Robert Audy and a female partner. At 28cm x 21.5cm, this soft cover book with 116 pages is kind of big for an instructional book. Mr. Audy and his publisher went all out. Typical basic steps sometimes get two full pages of photos that attempt to illustrate how to do that particular step.

The Robert Audy Method

This book is designed very nicely for beginners with lots of pictures and a simple straight forward layout. Still, it's pretty difficult to learn to dance from a book, so in at least three instances I found that a routine presented in this book was carried over to one of Robert Audy's tap dance records. Cross promotion. Good marketing skills.

The book presents the steps used by Gene Kelly during Singin' In The Rain, by Fred Astaire for Stepping Out With My Baby and by Ann Miller for That's Entertainment. These three tunes are featured in Robert Audy's record Tap Dancing For Beginners, also released in 1976. Not quite a companion set, perhaps, but I bet Mr. Audy hoped dance students would buy both. While this book is out of print, it still available used through Amazon Learn more about Robert Audy collectible LPs in Tap Wonderland's Music Gallery. You can get Tap Dancing for Beginners on CD from Amazon, as well.

— Shinichi Matsumoto