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Tap Dancing | Constance Atwater

Tap Dancing | Techniques, Routines, Terminology
Constance Atwater

Tap Dancing Techniques, Routines, Terminology was published by the Charles E. Tuttle Company in 1971. This interesting book is written entirely in English but printed in Japan and offered at two prices; $8.25 and ¥1530. The author, Constance Atwater, was a teacher of tap dancing, ballet and baton twirling. She danced professionally and taught in United States, Europe and Asia. Ms. Atwater is also the author of Baton Twirling: The Fundamentals of an Art and a Skill and it's easy to see from the illustrations in this book that the tap teacher and twirling teacher sometimes crossed paths.

Tap Dancing Instruction, c. 1971

Miss Atwater has written this book very carefully. It's not merely an instructional book for those who want to learn tap dancing, but it goes on to offer tap teachers guidance on how to be a good teacher. For example, She suggests explaining to students how the same steps may be described in more than one way. A shuffle step may be called a "brush brush step" by a different teacher or choreographer, or merely described by a count.

Tap Dance Staging Concept, c. 1971

For tap teachers, Ms. Atwater offers suggestions on how stage a show or recital for younger students; what numbers to use, ideas for the stage set, ideas for the costumes.

Costume Ideas for Tap DancersCostume Ideas for Tap Dancers

She goes on to offer some unusual guidance on how to open your own studio. I've read many books about tap dancing. This book is the only one that deals with opening an independent studio.

— Shinichi Matsumoto