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Fred Astaire's Music for Tap Dancing

Fred Astaire's
Music for Tap Dancing

"Dear Tap Dancer: So many of you asked for recordings of good tap dancing music that we decided to do something about it ...," said Fred Astaire in the liner notes of this wonderful album released by Capitol Records in 1950. Here the music is especially arranged for tap dancing. No singing. No tap sounds from Fred. Eight tunes: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails, I Won't Dance, The Continental, Night And Day, We Saw the Sea, Isn't This A Lovely Day?, The Waltz In Swing Time, Orchids In The Moonlight in a variety of styles, all associated with Fred Astaire's movies and stage dancing. Represented styles include: Buck & Wing, Soft Shoe, Tango Tap, Swing Tap, Waltz Tap, Military Tap and Samba Tap. It is very rare that a major record company releases this kind of record. The quality shines, with great arrangements by Skip Martin, who also conducts the orchestra. There's a nice swing feeling which you seldom find in minor label products, some stop time for the tap dancer and a good ending (No fade out). It's a mono recording but still good enough to use for stage today. I wish Capitol could find a reason to release it as a CD from the master recoding. Great!

Because our featured LP is over fifty years old, it's been forgotten by almost everyone. I have searched for information on the Web, but this page is all that comes up, except for the occasional for-sale item on Ebay. Too bad! Still, you can get all kinds of CDs and DVDs featuring Fred Astaire at Amazon, of course.

— Shinichi Matsumoto